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The Himalayan range is the perfect destination for eco tourism in India. Tough Himalayas is so rich in natural resources, still due unawareness of people today the Himalayan region is facing a major crisis as its natural resources have become limited. So it is our duty to maintain an eco system for the betterment of mankind and environment. And of course, now the scenario is quite reassuring for people are gradually realizing their responsibility towards mother-nature, its preservation and growth. That's the reason why eco tourism has become so popular in India from recent past. Especially in the Himalayan region it has gained so much of momentum. The travel operators who arrange the tour just provide booklets on ecotourism, which guide you with what to do and what not to do. As example springs and rivers should not be polluted with any harmful chemicals, we should not cut trees and plants and we must avoid littering of any sort, etc. The natural flora and fauna should be maintained. It is our duty to maintain the law and order in Nature, and then only we can establish a balance between the nature and man. So to sustain the exotic beauty of the Himalayas it is our responsibility to see that our existence under the lap of Nature does not cause any environmental hazards. So next time as you go on tours to the Himalayan region, please follow what the eco tourism booklet says. Eco-tourism focuses on local cultures, wilderness adventures, volunteering, personal growth and learning new ways with which to cope with our vulnerable planet. It is typically defined as travel to destinations where the flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Responsible ecotourism includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment, and enhance the cultural bonding with local people. Therefore, in addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, initiatives by hospitality providers to promote recycling, energy efficiency, water re-use, and the creation of economic opportunities for local communities are an integral part of ecotourism.

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