We are very sorry. There are hundreds of reviews and the place is too short. It is not possible for us to publish everyone’s feedback here. We have few visitors’ diaries maintained here in the farmhouse where hundreds of pages are filled with feelings, drawings, comments and experiences. Anybody who visits here can go through these diaries. We think these diaries are as important as the farmhouse itself. We appreciate each and everybody’s analysis and observation regarding this place and certainly thankful to all of them.

+ Never forget in life

It was an outstanding and awesome experience to be here with peaceful environment. Bara Mangwa is one of the most off beat place we have ever seen. It’s very close to nature. Seems like a place which is very true and eternal, and also this farmhouse which is hanging in hill.
The hospitality of Mr. Keshar Rai and his group was outstanding. Each and everything was well maintained over here. Every people and their behavior is truly lovable at this beautiful farmhouse.
Also Rahi, the pet, I had never seen this much of hospitality from a pet. He is not only trained, his body language shows caring for people. He is more than a general people. Demonstration of Yoga by Mr. Keshar Rai and his group was fabulous.
Decoration of room is very beautiful. Also the camp fire, roasted chicken, and environment of this place we can never forget in life.

– Sourav, Aditi, Prosenjit, Arpita, Arunava, Nani and Mithua


Stayed on 23rd May to 26th May, 2013

+ Absolute peace of mind

In one word it is just ‘awesome’. It really feels like staying close to the clouds. Nobody can even imagine that such a wonderful is hidden among the mountains. This farmhouse is surrounded by mountains with a beautiful view of river Tista. A truly wonderful place to spend the vacation in absolute peace of mind. What attracts most is its simplicity. The most beautiful view is after the sunset. One can just spend the whole evening sitting on the balcony and watching the small dots of lights passing through the mountains on the opposite side. The hospitality was really the heart touching and worth mentioning was the food. Being a Bengali I never felt that I was away from home. Thanks to all the cooking staffs for such a homely food arrangement. Keshar’da and his staffs are really doing a great job. Willing to come back here for having a good vacation, but next time for at least 3-4 days. See you soon Bara Mangwa.
Farmhouse Acknowledgement: Mr. Saibal Bhattacharya and his team visited again on April 2013.

– Saibal. Poulami, Kaushik, Neeta, Meeheka and Rupayan


Stayed on 26th October to 27th October, 2012

+ Beyond words

This place, as a whole, its ambience, greenery, the serene stillness, the blue backdrop of the mountains, the people, their hospitality, food…. Well the list goes on. There are some feeling that are beyond words, can be expressed only through silence. I will carry that silence with me when I had beck to the concrete jungle once again.
The first night was a very defining moment in my life. As I sat over here and watching the moonrise from behind the hills, after a few moments I closed my eyes and surprisingly my mind was in a state of thoughtlessness. After a while when I opened my eyes the moon look like a majestic queen with the glowing stars adding mystery to the vast open universe. By then, I had completely surrounded myself to the nature all around me. I appreciated the minute unnoticed elements around and their beauty. The feeling was true, not momentary but a permanent feeling that will stay with me forever. The feeling of surrounding yourself sometimes to the nature all around or even to the people around to receive and understand their warmth, hospitality, kindness and appreciate it forever.

– Sayan Ganguly


Stayed on 28th December to 31st December, 2012

+ Enjoyed every moment

We stayed here for 3 days. Each and every moment we enjoyed. Lovely view, climate, flora, fauna, people, room, food and so on. Very homely, great food and very neat and clean. Staffs here are excellent, always with a smile. I’m here with my mom and dad, both in 70’s; even they enjoyed so much. Lastly, how can I forget the martial art practice & cute little kids performed so well with the guidance of Keshar Rai – just lovely. Even Rahi, the dog, is so friendly, just loved the stay.

– Sarbari Karmakar


Stayed on 23rd to 26th October, 2012

+ Perfect getaway

To be very true, it’s been after quite some time that I’m using a pen & paper to capture my thoughts. And I’m loving it. I would like to thank Sandipan, who helps us manage the trips. It’s rare that you would come across a place that is just turned per your needs of a “PERFECT GETAWAY”.
The view from your room is best guaranteed to both THRILL & AMAZE you within let’s say every 5 minutes; I’m serious and mean it. The “hospitality” provided to you is always with a “smile” that’s very true and genuine. I love that. Keshar Rai, the manager does a great job to ensure that.
But what I liked the most are the kids who come to practice on every Sundays and Wednesdays. When I mean practice it’s karate I presume & yoga. The entire bunch is an amazing lot. I would not hold myself back to have some good amount of fun with these very kids. Love it !!! I would love to come back over and over again. So my next visit; in case I do not find a better place might be BARA MANGWA once again. Thank you for your hospitality.
Keshar Rai, Riten, Sanjay and Didi (for the lovely food)
Farmhouse Acknowledgement: Mr. Arghya Chaudhuri and Mrs. Basudhara Chaudhuri visited the farmhouse again on July 2014; and stayed for 6 more days.

– Arghya and Basudhara Chaudhuri


Stayed on 30th June to 9th July, 2012

+ Amazing and breathtaking

The place with its amazing and breathtaking view is too beautiful to be forgotten. It’s a perfect place to take rest, to breath fresh just far from madding crowd. The hospitality touches our heart. Waiting eagerly to come here again as soon as possible with our beloved ones so that they can be also a part of this vast beauty.

– Chaitali Basu


Stayed on 30th May to 1st June, 2012

+ Hill top farmhouse

It has been an extremely novel and adventurous sojourn here in Bara Mangwa. We had certain apprehensions when we just stepped afoot here. But what followed was beyond expectations. This hill top farmhouse enraptures all beauty – chatting over tea, coffee, momo, thukpa – viewing the range in front, the sunrise, the sunset have been all very memorable.
The punch line was the bonfire arranged by the farmhouse people. Rafting had been another out of the world experience. We danced sang and had immense fun in this rural retreat. Hope to come back again. The stay here will remain memorable to all of us throughout.

– Indrani Ganguly, Leena Talwar, Chhaya Mandal, Kamal Deb Singha, Soumi Deb Singha, Oli,

Sudip Dutta, Sudita Dutta and Shaona Ganguly


Stayed on 17th May to 20th May, 2012

+ Adventurous and comfortable

Bara Mangwa – the name is quite unusual and unheard too ! Just like the name, the place is similarly unusual. But in this unusual place I had many wonderful, unbelievable, thrilling and adventurous experiences which I will never forget.
Firstly, the hectic journey from Tista Bazar to the farmhouse. And then climbing up the hilly road to reach the farmhouse, at first it seemed quite tough for me. But then, when I reached this farmhouse, I was spellbound!
It is really a gorgeous place. Starting from the organic farming to roaring pigs, goats, hens, cows; then comes yoga, martial art and rock climbing, and the artificial making of honey, everything was simply great.
The people here are also very friendly. Keshar uncle, Sarita aunty, Riten bhaiya and everyone else have made our visit more adventurous and comfortable.
The entire place with the greenery and colour has its own beauty which attracted me a lot. I would love to come back to this place again in my vacation. From here my visit to Delo hill top, Peshok tea garden, Tista-Rangeet confluence point and some more places was marvelous. Thanks a lot to everyone for their help and hospitality. Without you all our journey probably would not have been so beautiful.
I have no words to describe the place any more. It was just unimaginable. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have such an experience. Thank you all.

– Arunima Das

Purbachal, Kolkata

Stayed on 18th March to 21st March, 2012

+ Unforgettable experience

After a monotonous, busy and hectic day-to-day work schedule, Bara Mangwa Farmhouse brought us a respite on 5th November morning when we first came here. Tranquil, serene, pure, scenic, refreshing, are less to describe this place. Let’s define the place.
B – Beautiful
A – Abundance fresh air
R – Robust hills standing tall
A – Amazing atmosphere
M – Majestic
A – Auspicious as heaven
N – Natural beauty
G – God’s own created estate
W – Wonderful terrain
A – All’s so good here
Farmhouse – In the lap of Mother Nature with its floras and faunas making it all the more rich and pleasantful experience for all visitors. A truly unforgettable experience.
The physical training given to the kids were very effective and nicely done.
A special note:
The family like treatment by the people here made us give a thought if we at all want to go back. They are sweetest of all. And the food was 100% better than 5 star hotels. Kudos to them.

– Protyush Kumar Ghosh


Stayed on 5th November to 7th November, 2011

+ Never expected so much

Sometime pen is not adequate to expose your feelings, experience and mind. It’s bowled from blue when we reached to this place from Salt Lake. We could not able to express the satisfaction of ours for at least next few hours. We never expected so much from the nature and reality made by human beings at a time.
We expect to visit again with big group with more expectations.

– Dr. Kaushik Biswas


Stayed on 13th October to 15th October, 2011

+ When truth is like a dream

How would I explain my feelings without the help of Tagore ? It rarely happens in life that what you are craving for, you get them all. It happens to me this time.
We came here with an exhausted, complex, busy mind. But soon we reached our destination, it was forced to change. I get what I demanded.
• Everlasting silence
• Peace
• Homemade food
• Friendly hosts
• A little bit of trekking through village roads
• And surprise, a piece of chicken tandoori also
I don’t know how I would thank to these village people for what I’m taking from them. It becomes an unforgettable memory.

– Dr. Sudipta Thakur


Stayed on 11th June to 14th June, 2011

+ Beauty and charm

We have been visiting the hills and staying in remote places for years, and most of them have been beautiful. But Bara Mangwa will stand out as an amazing experience with all good things coming under one roof. Although we have spent four nights here, we don’t seem to have had enough of the beauty and charm this farm has to offer. We now will not have to look far for our next holiday
With best wishes to Keshar, Sarita, Gita, Lalita, Mahendra and all the other good people we met here.
Farmhouse Acknowledgement: Mr. Deep Sen and his family visited this farmhouse several times after their first visit. They planned again to spend their days here during Durgapuja 2014.

– Deep Sen


Stayed on 15th October to 19th October, 2010

+ Tranquility of silence

We spent 3 days during Durgapuja holidays here in Bara Mangwa and enjoyed like anything. The tranquility of silence, fresh air, greeneries have unveiled in front of us with their own charm. All the staff, local kids has touched our heart with their hospitality and innocent smile. We are grateful to them. We are astonished with their dedication and commitment towards this small and unique project. Our sincere well wishes for their honest effort and success of this project too.

– Debashis Mukherjee

Uttarpara, Hooghly

Stayed on 13th October to 16th October, 2010